Bubble Mask Bio-Detox - Talika
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox - Talika
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox - Talika
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox - Talika
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox - Talika

Bio-Detox Bubble Mask

Anti-Pollution Mask
38 reviews
"Get the benefits of an oxygenating detox in this revolutionary sheet mask packed with nutrients and sensations!" Alexia R.

A purifying and cleansing mask that perfectly illuminates the complexion.

An essential detox product to protect the skin from polluting agents.

In contact with the epidermis, the carbonated tissue of the Bio-Detox Bubble Mask sparkles with tens, hundreds, thousands of oxygen microbubbles. A white, dense and fine foam forms, enveloping the face in a real "oxygen mask". Guaranteed sensations!

Clinically Proven Results

After 10 minutes, the skin is: 91% oxygenated, 88% depolluted and 96% purified, on 95 volunteers.

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Designed in France

Pioneers since 1948

The oxygenating bubble mask. The formula detoxifies and brightens the skin while protecting it from pollution.
  • The skin is cleansed

  • The skin is protected

  • The skin is more luminous

How to use it
Unfold the mask and apply it to a clean, dry face. A fine and dense foam is formed. After 10 minutes, remove the mask, massage the foam on the face, rinse with clean water. Single-use mask.
  • Step 1

    Separate the cloth mask from the paper

  • Step 2

    Apply to the face, gently smoothing the folds

  • Step 3

    Leave to act for 10 minutes

  • Step 4

    For best results, use twice weekly after bath or shower

Single formula:
  • Bamboo charcoal, known for its detoxifying power, adsorbs impurities and generates a controlled dose of infrared that stimulates skin microcirculation to promote cellular exchanges.
  • The probiotic extract from the fermentation of rice during the manufacture of makgeoli rebalances and strengthens the skin.
Key ingredients:
  • Morus alba

  • Rice extract

  • Grape extract

  • Eggplant

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Ideal for a bubble mask with charcoal

Normally not a bubble mask fan but impressed with this one bubbling very well, face looks clearer and cleaner, effects still felt a few days more ****, would buy again, better to lighten, lighten patchy skin and not as harsh as most charcoal masks


I received this in my LF beauty box and was a little skeptical, but was more than pleasantly surprised. The mask is nice while it is on with all the bubbles popping. I found it very relaxing and my skin was clean, fresh and smooth afterwards. I will definitely farewell and recommend to others.


Absolutely amazing product! My facial skin hasn't felt so fresh and clean in a long time. My skin is sensitive to harsh cleansers and this mask did not cause a reaction. Truly a treat for your skin!


I am totally fan of the result! Soft and soft skin, a feeling of masking and a pleasant smell. I recommend !!


The packaging is a small single-dose single-dose sachet that is easy to carry in a suitcase. This mask is easy to apply: just put it on the face. The mask fabric of a microsphere until a white foam forms. It adapts well to the face and does not move. The smell is a bit chemical, for me this mask is very attractive and purifying. After removing this mask, I feel that my skin is smoother, softer, cleaner and less oily. On the contrary, this mask promises to hydrate the skin but I didn't notice that my skin was more hydrated once, on the contrary, it left me alone.This was my first experience with bubble masks. I found the effervescent effect very entertaining and I was very surprised to see ...